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Its pretty interesting how "the internet" could help people to raise founds or help them to show their products to the right targets.

Also it provides the possibility to a small company to show their products worldwide, so small company with no marketing resources, could sell out of their borders, its very interesting, in the past I had help small companies to do so, and it worked perfectly.

By the way, the article was very interesting and makes people think about how to make good viral marketing.

PD: sorry for my bad English


Nine days to go and the other issue that has surfaced is that neither Kickstarter nor Amazon supports the option of choosing domestic shipping vs international shipping.

That's because this is a fundraising site, not a merchandise-oriented site, but Rich is using merch as an anchor of his fundraising...people have to go manually add the shipping after determining their own, or Rich will have to contact them later to fix it.

I love how he transparently explains (with geek-level overkill) how much will fit in each type of box...clearly he's thought about it...


I'd just like to make a small update about the project and add that the end result was breathtaking:

$ 1.254.000

The second most funded project so far, though there is another project that has raised more than $ 2.000.000 in pledges so far.

I'm just really sorry I simply had no money to spare for this, but I tried my best to spread the word on various game-oriented forums.

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